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100 SEO Checklist for Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a key role in improving your website’s visibility, usability, relevance, and user experience. It also helps you create content that people want to consume. Here’s an SEO checklist for you to start building your website and creating content for your target audience.

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What is Press Release in SEO

SEO press release helps create buzz about what a company is doing and provides latest news about its products and services. Press releases are PR exercises employed by companies to inform users of what they are working on and other developments.

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What Role Does Content Length Play in Google Rankings?

Are higher search rankings on Google more likely to be achieved with a larger word count? Read on to find out. There are claims that Google considers word count as a factor for search results, indicating that high word counts indicate high-quality content.

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What is a Slug in SEO

A slug is a unique identifier that is part of your page URL. It indicates what the page or article is about. The right slug will give users an idea of what the page actually consists of. Slugs usually appear after the last ‘/’ in the URL.

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What is an Infographic in SEO

An infographic is a visual representation of content. Simply put, it is an ‘information graphic’.It is a combination of images and text that simplifies a message and conveys it to your audience quickly.