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Vijay Kumar C, MBA graduate, has over a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing (SEM/SEO/SMO). As a certified SEO consultant, he helped start-up companies and large corporations expand their portfolios. His skillset includes paid marketing, SEO, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio, Facebook, and CRM Database. He has worked with some of India's leading online e-commerce websites. He has successfully managed more than 100 projects.

what seo services i offer

  • SEO Strategy Planning : Getting into the mind of your users to give them what they’re looking for.

  • SEO Copywriting Services : Catchy and effective ad campaigns that’ll bring your audience to your website.

  • Local SEO Services : Providing your users content locally when they actually need it.

  • Keyword Research Services : Discover what to say to your audience and how to say it.

  • Onsite and Offsite Services : Getting your website organized from within and outside your web pages.

  • Conversion Optimization : Improving conversions by optimizing content and SEO.

  • Web Analytics Consultation : Detailed reporting on how people are using your website.

  • Google AdWords Service: Campaigns to generate quality leads and improve your business.

  • Website Audit Reports : Reports on why your website isn’t giving you the right results.


I Help Companies Grow

If you are one of these businesses that do not have a strong online presence and have absolutely no idea how to expand your digital footprint, you need the services of an SEO expert. I use advanced methods to assess your target audience and bring them to you. My strategies are tailored to your needs, goals, resources, and budget to get the most profit out of your services. Businesses that need a digital marketing strategy to start expanding and grow can utilize my full-range of SEO services. I will provide end-to-end expert SEO solutions that include website creation, content writing, competitor website analysis up to analytics and reporting.

How does it work

Submit the contact form:

Fill in your name, contact number, email ID, company name, and company website. I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Telephonic discussion:

I will have a one-on-one discussion with you about your company’s needs and provide the best options to build a complete digital strategy.

Completion and delivery:

Work commencement on your SEO requirements after agreement and delivery of the same within the stipulated time.


If required, I will provide continuous support and help keep your digital visibility afloat with my on-going SEO services.


Vijay has helped my company improve its ranking on Google and developed a strong SEO strategy to ensure it stays on page 1 of search engines. All I want to say is thank you for the quality work. - Prasanna Nagiripati

The most important quality I found in Vijay is that he would never say no to any challenges thrown at him. He is ready to wear different hats if his job demands. He is technically very sound and is always ready to learn new things. He is very good in multitasking and knows how to get work done. - Kumar Garv

Vijay is extremely professional in all his holding. Google is like his baby whom he would feed with best SEO tactics and technologies to keep it interested in the project he is working for. And yes, he is an avid reader. Writers, be aware! If you think you do leave behind few blunders and you think you will escape, let me tell you his eyes are always looking for the tiniest of details in your writing! Vijay is a gem of an employee for the marketing team... Vijay, hope your digital prowess is recognized and appreciated. May you have a bright future ahead :) - Shilpi Saha

Vijay is very dedicated at his work. improved our website visibility in Google within very short time. - Shankar Prasad

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As an SEO expert, I have led internal teams and provided strategic guidance in many successful campaigns, both online and offline. I have also demonstrated my ability to drive sales and increase brand awareness. I bring the best of the best digital strategies to your table. So, if you’re searching for a brilliant SEO expert or a top freelance digital marketing service in Bangalore, your search ends here.

  • Over 10 years of experience as an SEO expert and consultant in Bangalore
  • Proven track record of running successful marketing campaigns for start-ups, small companies, and local businesses
  • Low-cost services with high-end returns
  • Independent consultant without any added frills or costs
  • Get more than what you pay for
  • A single source for all your digital marketing needs
  • Pick and choose the services you want
  • Get ranked on the first page of Google

About My SEO Strategies

I will prioritize understanding you and your business before we begin transforming it. We dig deep into your goals and construct effective strategies for growth.

I will then begin deconstructing the history of your current SEO/Digital Marketing strategy to analyse pain points and areas of improvement. This, of course, varies based on the type of business we’re analysing. I also look at what your competitors are doing and assess their digital marketing efforts with respect to the industry.

Post our analysis, I will create a fresh strategy that’s inclined to your goals and future digital trends. Once the strategy is approved, I begin implementing the solutions. I keep track of your website’s progress and provide reports on a regular basis. I also modify and update the solutions depending on market trends and customer feedback.

Therefore, I create multiple levels of marketing that’ll maximize the visibility of your business online and provide profitable returns.

Freelance SEO Services in Bangalore

If there’s anything that a business needs to grow and thrive, it’s a strong online presence. Many small and medium businesses have found immense success by going digital. A user-friendly website, a clear outline of the company’s services coupled with a good SEO strategy can make a huge difference in both growth and revenue.

My small team consists of experts who have been in the digital marketing game for over a decade. We have brought our creative and strategic minds together to offer our talent and services to businesses. We’ve worked with some of top ecommerce websites in India and have created winning strategies for their growth. We have also engaged with start-ups and developed their entire digital marketing blueprint.

Our strategy for SEO is simple – Analyse, Empathize, Create, And Engage; analyse the need, empathize with the user, create the service, and engage to build a lasting relationship.

Freelance dIGITAL MARKETING & seo Services in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the major metropolitans in India, hosting and catering to a wide array of businesses. The primary domains that have made Bangalore their home include IT, retail, e-commerce, marketing, and finance. Industry bigwigs such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, and many such have set up office space here. Having such companies that offer similar services means competition between them is high and they, being digital businesses, employ marketing to their advantage to stay on top of their game.

Therefore, yours may be a business that offers the same services as another but how do you stay ahead of your competition? By upping your digital marketing game, of course.

SEO, when done right, will radically change the game in your favour. It helps you understand your customers, see what they like, analyse their journey, and provide services accordingly.

There still are a number of businesses who have not made a shift to digital and thus, are still behind when it comes to growth and revenue. Companies like this lose relevance and fade out of business quickly. Switching to digital late may give you a competitive disadvantage, which will reduce your market share significantly. Also, without understanding what your customers want, you’ll never know which direction to grow in. Going digital will help you reduce costs and increase growth.


Initially, businesses such as hotels, motels, banquet halls, restaurants, event organizers, retail shop mostly offered their services directly from their location i.e. a physical store or office. Their customers had to meet representatives in person for even simple tasks such as getting a quote. Without having an online presence, such businesses suffer from lack of customers and ring in losses. By going online, they can reach out to more and more customers and offer additional services that will improve their market value.

If you are one of these businesses that do not have a strong online presence and have absolutely no idea how to expand your digital footprint, we’re here for you. We use advanced methods to assess your target audience and bring them to you. Our strategies are tailored to your needs, goals, resources, and budget to get the most profit out of your services.

There aren’t many agencies who will offer freelance digital marketing in Bangalore. Most of them provide “packages” with services that you may or may not need. Later, you end up paying more for solutions that you could have used for a fraction of the price. That’s why we do a complete analysis of your website and business before suggesting any service.

Businesses Who Can Use my SEO Services in bangalore

SEO and Digital Marketing are vital entities that can significantly improve the ranking of your website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While large organizations have dedicated Digital Marketing teams, the remaining end of the spectrum has to engage other ways to handle their digital marketing side of business.

Businesses that need a SEO strategy to start expanding and grow can utilize my full-range of services. I provide end-to-end SEO solutions that includes website creation, content writing, competitor website analysis up to analytics and reporting. Businesses that already have a website and basic essentials online but are unable to tap into the right strategies can also consult me to get an effective solution to their online marketing woes.

My SEO solutions portfolio covers the following types businesses in Bangalore.

SEO for Small-scale Businesses in Bangalore Small scale business can grow their business using our targeted seo services as per your market. Below are few examples of businesses fall in this category. Grocery Store with Delivery Service, fast food centers , cafe shops, organic food stores , catering business , paying guest services , hostels for students/working individuals , travel agencies , real estate brokerage , day care/children care centers, cleaning services, flower delivery service, beauty parlors, fitness centers…etc.

SEO for Small- to Medium-scale Businesses in Bangalore The Small and Medium Enterprises have been the back bone of the Indian economy. In-order to compete with competitors, one should consistently focus on increasing the brand value. Our SEO services are the best fit for many types of Small and medium scale companies like BPO’s, IT startup’S, Manufacturing companies, Warehouse services, schools and educational institutions, packers and movers, packaging companies, cosmetic hospital networks, web designing companies…etc

SEO for Local Businesses in Bangalore A type of business that is based in a local area and provides a variety of commodities, goods, products or services that are needed to a local population. Local business differs from a regional business, national business or international business. Business like popular restaurants, Understanding your local audience is very crucial to grow your business locally. We offer variety of Local SEO services for your business. Recently, Google renamed Google My Business (GMB) to Google Business Profile (GBP). My techniques involve optimizing below key ranking factors

  • Local SEO Keyword Research

  • Optimize Your Google My Business Listing with Right Keywords

  • Local Citations for your Business

  • Backlinks for your Google My Business Listing

  • Google Stacking

  • Social Signals

  • Image/PDF Submissions

SEO for E-commerce Businesses in Bangalore E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. There are many e-commerce giants operating their services in Bangalore. Whether you are startup or branded e-commerce in Bangalore. We offer various seo services for your e-commerce business. E-Commerce SEO Services include,

  • E-Commerce Website Keyword Research

  • E-Commerce Website Architecture

  • E-Commerce Website On-Page Audit

  • E-Commerce Website URL Optimization

  • E-Commerce Website Link Building Plan

  • E-Commerce Website Social Media Strategy


Why hire an SEO consultant vs. an SEO company?

By hiring an SEO consultant, you eliminate the process of dealing with middle-men and managers and interact directly with the professional in-charge of your needs. Additionally, a consultant will charge you a lower fee than an agency, which helps you maintain your operational costs whilst getting end-to-end SEO solutions for your business.

Do you provide guaranteed results?

I guarantee to provide effective solutions that will improve your SEO ranking, digital visibility, and website traffic. Furthermore, I will also monitor and analyse your site on a regular basis to continuously maintain your online reputation.

How long will it take to see results?

SEO and Digital Marketing are processes that evolve over time. Results will vary from business to business, the goals you’ve set for your online strategy, and your budget. With the right analysis and SEO strategy, you should be able to see results fairly early.

What SEO reporting is included?

My SEO reports will offer monthly or weekly analysis of how your website is performing. A few parameters that’ll be included in the report are traffic via all online channels, conversion rates, page-level traffic, page speed, visitor browsing time, bounce rate, inbound and outbound links, and Google/SERP rankings.

What is the cost of each service?

Each business has different SEO needs and goals to achieve. Pricing depends on these requirements. Send an email to or call (+91) 98866 21210 for a customized quote.

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